Some of your questions answered

Will I need to read music?
No. Some members can read music, many of us have some knowledge of how to read a score, but it has generally been learned after years singing with choirs. For many of our songs we have "rehearsal tracks" so you can listen and practice during the week.

Will I have to do an audition?
No, but after having attended for some weeks, you may be asked to sing something of your choice privately with the MD, just to check that you are singing in the right voice range.

Will everybody laugh at me because I get it wrong?
Well, if we laughed at everyone who got it wrong, we would be laughing all night. Tuesday practices are the time to get it wrong, that is how we learn; and when we get it right, it's a wonderful feeling. We also do a few laughs on a Tuesday.

What will it cost to join?
To come along and see if you enjoy singing, nothing, except 50p for a cup of tea.

First three months are free. If you decide to join our annual subscription is currently £100 payable at the start of our singing year in January. This does include the cost of your uniform jacket, shirt and tie and musical scores. If you join at anytime after January you will pay pro-rata.

So can we tempt you to come along on a Tuesday?

No obligation (as the salesman would say). Just come along just before 7.30pm to The Pallant Centre (St Faith’s Church Hall), The Pallant, Havant PO9 1BE (there is plenty of parking close by), introduce yourself to anyone and they will soon find you some music, sit you down and explain what goes on. If you don't want to sing on your first night you are welcome to just sit a listen.

It won't cost you a penny to give it a try and if you don't enjoy yourself, well, so be it; at least you came and found out. Just think though, if you don't come along and try it you will never know how good it feels to harmony with a great bunch of men!

 If you have any further questions do get in touch with our 
Membership Secretary

  • We are a really friendly choir

  • There is no need to able to read music

  • There is no audition

  • No singing experience is necessary

  • We are MALE voice choir

  • You must be over eighteen

  • ​Singing is good for the brain !

Why not Join SMVC?

The benefits of singing have been well-documented in recent years. Swedish research has suggested that a spell of spirited song not only increases oxygen levels in the blood but also triggers the release of “happy” hormones such as oxytocin, which is thought to help lower stress levels and blood pressure.

And a year-long study on people with mental health problems, carried out by the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health, Canterbury, also revealed that 60 per cent of participants had less mental distress when retested a year after joining a choir, with some people no longer fulfilling the diagnostic criteria for clinical depression.


Our repertoire is wide and varied,  Geoff, our MD, chooses music that suits the group, the mix of voices and our musical skills. He also welcomes suggestions from the choir.

Some songs are simple two-part harmonies, some are four part or more.

Composers range from Vivaldi to Cole Porter and all sorts in between. Adapted folk songs, rollocking sea songs and modern ballads are always popular with our audiences.

Many of our songs are male voice choir standards such as An American Trilogy or Morte Criste.  Some songs are modern choral pieces especially written for four-part choirs.